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How A Child With Cancer Can Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits

How A Child With Cancer Can Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits

One of the most devasting moments for parents is finding out that a child has cancer. And the last thing that parents should have to worry about when they are dealing with a child being seriously ill is financial worries. But the cost of medical care along with the usual household financial responsibilities can quickly overwhelm parents, especially if one parent needs to quit working in order to be able to help their child. The Social Security Administration offers financial help for seriously ill children. If your child has cancer or another serious illness they may be eligible for Supplemental Support Income (SSI) payments. SSI is like disability benefits but it’s for children. Money is paid to the parents to be used for the child’s medical and living expenses. Parents will need to document where the money is spent to prove that it is being used for the child’s expenses. But SSI benefits can help take the financial stress off of the parents.

Qualifying For SSI Benefits

There are two steps in the process of qualifying for SSI benefits. First the parents must show that the child’s condition meets the requirements set by the SSA. Not all cancers qualify a child to receive benefits automatically, but many do. Serious cancers that are terminal or advanced state will qualify for the compassionate allowance program. The Compassionate Allowance program fast tracks the applications of children who are seriously ill so that the parents can start receiving money quickly.

Some of the cancers, amongst many others that qualify a child to receive SSI benefits are:

· metastatic or recurrent child neuroblastoma

· recurrent child non-Hodgkin lymphoma

· child T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma

· ependymyoblastoma

· malignant brain stem gliomas.

· osteoscarcoma

· Ewing sarcoma

· rhabdomyosarcoma

· chondrosarcoma

· head and neck cancers

· liposarcoma

Parents will need to submit all of the child’s medical records with the claim for benefits. The medical records need to show that the child meets the SSA’s requirements that are listed in the Blue Book so that the child is eligible for benefits.

Financially Qualifying For SSI Benefits

The second step in qualifying for SSI benefits is for the parents to show that they meet the SSA’s financial requirement. The SSA has set an income cap on benefits. That means that the parents must

submit a W-2 or a Federal tax return for each adult in the household that works full time to show that the combined total income of the household falls below the cap. The cap amount increases based on the number of adults that are working full time in the household. In most cases parents have no trouble proving their household income falls below the cap amount.

Applying For SSD Benefits For A Child

If your child has cancer and you need financial help you can submit a claim for SSI benefits for your child through the SSA’s website directly. If you need help with the claim forms you can call your local Texas SSA office or make an appointment to get help in person.

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