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Buddy Bag Bash

Start time 2021-05-04 19:00
Finished Time 2021-05-04 20:00
Address Virtual

Event Details:


  • The Buddy Bag Bash features former NFL quarterback Babe Laufenberg in an exclusive interview with CBS11’s Karen Borta.
  • They will discuss and honor the memory of Babe’s late 21-year-old son Luke and Babe will share the story of their endearing father/son relationship through their cancer journey.
  • Troy Aikman, Daryl Johnston, and Jason Garrett will reveal how their best friend Babe inspired them with his courage, strength, and compassion as they walked with him through adversity
  • Additionally, WOKC Warriors (children with cancer) and their parents will share their stories and how WOKC served them well with Buddy Bags and hope!


  • By purchasing one ticket to the virtual Buddy Bag Bash (BBB), you are also buying a much-needed Buddy Bag for a child with cancer and their family to use in the hospital.
  • Families are stunned and numb after hearing the four haunting words, “Your child has cancer.” Many times they go straight from the pediatrician’s office so they are totally unprepared for a hospital stay.
  • Buddy bags ease the transition to the hospital for both the child and the parent with essential, playful, and comfort items when life has just unraveled.

There’s More

  • Those who purchase one additional Buddy Bag ($250) at the end of the virtual show will receive a beautifully tempered glass tile trivet with original artwork by a current Warrior’s sister.
  • Those who purchase two additional Buddy Bags ($500) at the end of the virtual show will receive an autographed football by Troy Aikman, Jason Garrett, Daryl Johnston, and Babe Laufenberg!!


  • WOKC’s Buddy Bag Bash is planned from 7:00-7:45 pm CDT on Tuesday, May 4th. This will be an inspiring virtual show!
  • Please join us, enjoy the show, and bring joy to a courageous young cancer hero and their family by purchasing a Buddy Bag.

About WOKC

For over 40 years, Dallas-based Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer (WOKC) has been fighting cancer and supporting families. WOKC has funded $7 million in seed money for novel research projects, which have yielded $22 million in additional grant money over these past 4 decades. Through fun and supportive programs, WOKC gives hope to children diagnosed with cancer and their families. Families participating in WOKC’s Warrior Program receive fun support through unique events, parties, and activities. Pediatric cancer is the #1 disease killer of children in the U.S.

WOKC is working relentlessly for the day when cancer is no longer a threat to ANY child. To find out more about WOKC and its programs, please visit WOKC.org or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

What is the Buddy Bag?

The Buddy Bags are designed to ease the transition from home/pediatrician’s office to a hospital stay for both the child and parents. Buddy Bags are sturdy rolling suitcases filled with over 30 items, including basic toiletries, fun art/entertainment products, and comfort items — even a pillow and blanket for family members.

Buddy Bags go to any new pediatric cancer admission at one of our three partnering hospitals: Children’s Medical Center Dallas, Medical City Children’s Hospital, and Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth.