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Thank you to all our amazing sponsors!

Corporate Sponsors

Philanthropic Foundations

$25K and Over

  • Speedway Children’s Charities
  • Young Texans Against Cancer
  • Dallas Junior Forum
  • Club Corp
  • Marilyn Augur Family Foundation

$5K and Over

  • Mudge Foundation
  • Dallas Margarita Society
  • National Life Group
  • Horace C. Cabe Foundation
  • The Carmax Foundation

$1K and Over

  • Garland D. Rhoads Foundation
  • The Webber Family Foundation
  • Herson-Stiman Family Foundation
  • The National Christian Foundation

Sponsorship Interest Form:

Here at WOKC, we depend on so many incredible people, corporations, and foundations to brighten the lives of families fighting cancer and to continue our effort to wipe out childhood cancer forever. All donations, volunteers, and our amazing sponsors have made so many things possible for our youngsters and their families, so we’d like to give a huge thank you to all the folks out there that make this organization possible!

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Whether you’re interested in becoming one of WOKC’s dedicated sponsors or want to know how you can help participate in some of our fun events, simply fill out the form on the right, and a WOKC representative will respond.

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