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Sweet Treats Inspired by Loss, by Park Cities People

Sweet Treats Inspired by Loss, by Park Cities People

Written by Kersten Rettig  |  Sepetmber 10, 2020

You Inspire Me.  This powerful phrase is the name of the cookie collection launched by Le Gourmet Baking company to raise awareness and funds for Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer during Childhood Cancer Awareness month. The Lover’s Lane bake shop and catering company is selling tins of their signature shortbread cookies each decorated with words such as: authentic, brave, bold, heroic, strong, friendly, and loving. Tins of 12 are centered with three shortbreads that read You, Inspire and Me. The remaining nine can be chosen from a list of 30 that bakery owner Becky Nelson and WOKC Founder, Cindy Brinker Simmons curated for this promotion.

Each tin costs $45 with 40% of the gross profits donated to WOKC to continue their mission to support patients and their families. Each tin comes with a card with a message to the recipient they have received the You Inspire Me tin “because someone special marvels at your compassion and talent for serving others well.” The card is signed by the sender.  Le Gourmet’s shortbread is made simply and beautifully using only five ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, vanilla and salt, no preservatives. The cookies are nearly an inch tall and melt in your mouth, despite the sturdiness of the cookie which is the perfect accompaniment to the boxed lunches Le Gourmet Baking sells.

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