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Giving Hope & Support

At WOKC, we have a dream that one day every child can live cancer-free.
We have several programs in place to help make that dream a reality! Read on to learn more about our three programs that are giving hope to our youngsters.

Warrior Family Program

We want to bring joy to the kids
and families that need it the most.

The Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer Warrior Family Program is comprised of children from all three Dallas-Fort Worth area hospitals with pediatric oncology units: Children’s Health, Medical City Children’s Hospital, and Cook Children’s. WOKC realizes that cancer affects more than the child who is given the cancer diagnosis and this unique program focuses on supporting the entire family unit – Mom, Dad, Siblings & others!

WOKC is involved with numerous fun events throughout each year,  including professional and semi-professional sporting events, picnics, fishing tournaments, holiday parties, a summer camp in Maine, and more!  Not only does our team ensure that each activity is fun, but also that it will accommodate any special needs a family may have.  An added benefit of the Warrior Family Program is that everyone involved can spend time with other families who are facing similar circumstances. Parents have commented that these WOKC family engagement programs are medicine for their souls.

Buddy Bag Program

Each year over hundreds of families in the Dallas/Fort Worth area receive the devastating news that their child has cancer.

The diagnosis is often accompanied by an immediate and unexpected admission to a pediatric hospital for treatment, leaving families unprepared and without the items needed for a lengthy hospital stay. Whether from home or straight from the pediatrician’s office, the wait for this frightening diagnosis is heavy.

A WOKC Buddy Bag is given to each child admitted for cancer treatment in ALL pediatric cancer treatment centers in DFW: Children’s Health, Cook Children’s, and Medical City Children’s Hospital. The Buddy Bags are designed to ease the transition from home/pediatrician’s office to hospital for both the child and parents and are filled with over 30 items including basic toiletries and comfort items. All items in the Buddy Bag are the result of a thoughtful collaboration by parents of kids with cancer who know better than anyone which items might be needed at that time of crisis.

Lucy & Mary Meyer's Story

Research Program

More than $7 million funded resulting in an additional $22 million in funding. 

In its 40 year history, WOKC has provided $7 million in seed money for its novel research projects, which have received $22 million in additional grant money over these past 40 years. Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer has maintained focus on childhood cancer research by funding projects to increase survival rate, provide better treatment, and help doctors understand better this vicious disease. 

FACT: Cancer is the leading disease killer of children in the United States, claiming the lives of almost 1,800 children annually. 15,500 children are diagnosed with pediatric cancer each year. 

Children are fighting valiantly to survive cancer, and WOKC has been steadfast in its pursuit since 1980 to cure it! 

Our mission is simple: to work relentlessly for a day when cancer is no longer a threat to ANY child. Join us in funding pediatric cancer research – even just one child with cancer is one child too many.
Reference: https://curesearch.org/Infographics

Soheil Meshinchi, M.D., Ph.D.

pediatric oncologist at fred hutchinson cancer research center

What We Know About Childhood Cancer


 Cancer is the #1 cause of death by disease in children


43 children are diagnosed each day with cancer.  That’s 1 child every 30 minutes.  WOKC finds this unacceptable!


1 out of 8 children will not survive… that’s approximately 1800 children each year.


60% of those who survive will have long-lasting chronic health conditions as adults

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